Exquisite! Blue Aqua Aura Turquoise Quartz Crystal Cluster Pendant Necklace, is handmade and dipped in 14k Gold and Hung on a 20-24" 14K Gold Chain.  A raw blue Turquoise druzy pendant necklace that is absolutely stunning!

Aqua Aura Blue Quartz Necklace

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  • Exquisite!!  Blue Turquoise Quartz Cluster Pendant. These clusters are naturally clear, but after treated with platinum, the cluster quartz produce an iridescent sheen and shimmering, blue color. No two crystal quartz,  will ever look the same! Each quartz, will have its own shape, size, and cluster formation. Each cluster, usually measures between 30-35mm long. This exquisite necklace, is a "Must Have" for every wardrope!

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