Coolest Bracelet to Ever Have! Clear Pave Open Cuff , Clear Pave Cap with 18KT YG, Over-Lays a Hollowed out Stainless Steel, Rope Bangle. The Clear Pave 18KT YG Cuffs, Screw off, to display a hidden compartment, to hide your secrets or your most treasured items! A must have, for every woman to have and for every day wear!

Bangle, Blue Pave Open Cuff

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  • The Coolest Bracelet Ever! This Clear Pave Cuff with 18Kt Yg, Screws off, to Display a hidden compartment, inside the hollowed out, stainless steel, rope bangle! A great bangle, for every woman to have, to keep her secrets safe or to hide her treasures! 

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